HomeStrong Fitness System FAQ's

HomeStrong Fitness System FAQ's

HomeStrong Fitness Frequently Asked Questions


The NUMBER ONE question of all HomeStrong Frequently Asked Questions, will I get a good workout utilizing only band-type resistance over traditional weights?

We could fill several pages with real-world data on the benefits of resistance band training, but the answer is a resounding, YES!

Resistance band training has been utilized for many years at the elite athletic levels due to the science and research that has been performed on this topic.

For fitness enthusiasts that are accustomed to traditional weight training that has based benefits and gains from seeing an increased capacity for ever greater weight used, resistance bands will be a different experience. What you can expect is to be able to perform more reps with the same band or band configuration as well as using bands with greater baseline resistance or adding additional resistance by way of increasing the initial band stretch through the setup on the HomeStrong System.


Here are just a few PubMed studies on Variable Resistance (band) versus Constant Resistance (weight) training, but I encourage you to research the topic as well and you will find the data to be amazing:


Here is a link to a great article from a true O.G. of the fitness space, Jim Stoppani, touting the benefits of resistance bands:


What types of exercises can be performed on the HomeStrong Fitness System?

This is the beauty of the HomeStrong Fitness System. You will be able to perform hundreds of exercises as shown within the ever-growing exercise database and training video library on our website. With HomeStrong you can perform dumbbell and barbell-style exercises (curls, presses, flyes, squats, rows), machine-style exercises (leg extensions, leg curls, calf presses), and every imaginable cable-style exercise. The HomeStrong Fitness System is one of, if not the most comprehensive home fitness systems ever brought to market.


Is the HomeStrong Fitness System hard to install?

If you have ever mounted a TV to the wall, you should be able to install a HomeStrong Fitness system. It is slightly more complicated but the principles are the same. Please read through the installation manual posted on the How to Install page on our website and view the YouTube Installation Video for the exact process. If you do not feel confident in the process or simply don’t have the necessary tools, we have found that a local licensed handyman contractor can easily perform the installation within an hour. If you go this route, share this HomeStrong Frequently Asked Questions blog and the installation links above with them. Doing so assures they will be prepared with the necessary tools when they arrive.


Where should I install my HomeStrong Fitness System?

One of the greatest attributes of the HomeStrong Fitness System is how compact it is how little space it takes up when not in use. Depending on the installation method, the horizontal support arms that protrude from the wall 18” sit at about 7’ - 7’6” from the floor. So one consideration is the ceiling height. You should have at least 8 feet of clearance from floor to ceiling, but preferably about 8’ so that a pull-up can be performed safely. The vertical members that go from the floor to the horizontal bars and the loop-hook array protrude only 6” into the room. For adequate space to perform most exercises, one should allow for about 7 feet out from the wall and only about the width of the HomeStrong System or about 4 feet.

Always make sure that there is safe clearance from any obstacles that may impede the safe use of the HomeStrong Fitness System. Things to consider are doorway/door swing, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures. Also, take into consideration any hidden elements on or inside the wall that the system will be mounted to like switch plates, electrical outlets, electrical, plumbing, or gas lines, and heating and cooling ductwork.


Is the HomeStrong Fitness System safe?

A primary HomeStrong Fitness Frequently Asked Questions is if the system is safe to use. It is extremely safe and in a number of ways!

A HomeStrong System user no longer has the burden of moving (or storing) heavy weight plates or dumbbells. Bands exhibit “Linear Variable Resistance”. What this means is, as the range of motion of an exercise increases, so does the resistance provided by the band. Another way of looking at this is when you are at the weakest range of an exercise the resistance is the lowest when using a resistance band. Such as when the barbell is pressed to your chest in a bench press, or when your arms are straight down at the beginning of a curl. This provides a margin of safety when working out alone as well as very safe for soft tissues, tendons, and ligaments. Please always use a spotter when performing difficult exercises!

The HomeStrong Fitness System is also safe in that there are no moving parts to pinch, cut, or squash fingers, and as it is bolted directly into studs of a wall there are no big heavy fixtures that can topple over.


Is the HomeStrong Fitness System safe for my whole family to use?

HomeStrong Fitness is made for use by adults. There can be risks associated with any fitness system used by children. The HomeStrong Fitness System uses industrial-strength resistance bands that can produce extremely strong forces. These can be strong enough to cause injury to children and at no time should children be left unattended with the resistance bands.


What is the Warranty on the HomeStrong Fitness System?

We offer a lifetime warranty on the proudly Made in America HomeStrong Fitness System. We also offer a 1-year warranty on all accessories, such as carabiners, bands, handles, and cuffs.
It is necessary to keep all accessories, specifically bands, in a climate-controlled environment and not exposed to sun, cold, or heat. This will provide the longest life possible for the products.


Will I have to maintain my HomeStrong Fitness System?

There are no moving parts so NO maintenance is required!
It is recommended to check the tightness of the mounting bolts after a few workouts, post-installation, and about once every 6 months after that. Always be careful not to over-tighten the lag bolts that affix the HomeStrong Fitness System to the wall, so as not to strip them out of the studs. Just a light snug check to make sure the bolts are tight is sufficient.


If this HomeStrong Frequently Asked Questions blog did not answer any question that you may have, please do not hesitate to email us at:

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